Dynamic Posture Scanning for Health and Fitness.

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How it works


Smart Scanning

The scan is automated, accurate and easy to operate – no PhD required! If you want to know how your body is REALLY working, you need to see it in 3D. Follow some simple video instructions and perform a series of easy movements.  Within a matter of minutes, the scan is complete. The Health Seeker gets immediate animated feedback and instant electronic reporting. Qinematic Posture Scan can be found at clinics, gyms, workplaces and some retail outlets. Although we strive to empower  individuals to monitor their own function, we highly recommend getting initial advice from a health professional.


Secure 3D data storage

After a scan, the 3D data is encrypted and stored securely. It is YOUR information, and only authorised Health Service Providers can see your scan. We help them to protect your privacy and to securely store data on Microsoft Azure – you can read more about this at the Trust Center.
With our secure storage solution, virtual health services are made possible. We can Scan people in one location, and with permission, import their 3D data into Qinematic Movement Lab at another location. Gone are the days of describing a three dimensional person and their movement patterns with photo or text!



Although we do provide research standard 3D data for sophisticated data analysis, we prefer to keep things as simple as possible. That means well designed PDFs that can be stored, shared and viewed on most devices. The 1-page and 6-page Summary reports are a snapshot of key metrics +/- some explanatory text. The 8-page Biomechanics report on the other hand, is designed with the health professional in mind. It is a lot more detailed with extra calculations, tables and graphs. What gets measured, gets done!

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Easy setup & affordable hardware

Touchscreen Computer

Qinematic Posture Scan was designed for use with a touchscreen computer.  The data processing is rather heavy, so make sure your computer is not a lightweight. A wall-mounted screen in a dedicated space is ideal, but a stand-up table, trolley or tripod will also do the trick.

Xbox One Kinect Sensor

The Xbox One Kinect is a powerful gaming sensor. Several studies have shown it to be suitable for clinical application. Set-up and computer compatibility can be found here.


Each scanning station requires power for the Kinect sensor and the computer, as well as a high speed internet connection.


Software for Healthcare

Health professionals always ask about Function, but they rarely measure it. The 3D movement labs that have been used in sports medicine for decades have always been too expensive and time consuming for the average health centre. So practitioners, who see clients in 3-dimensions with their own eyes, end up reporting what they see using 1-dimensional text, or a 2-dimensional photo at best. Qinematic is convenient and affordable enough for every clinic to scan every patient, enabling better assessment, management and understanding of movement related disorders such as musculoskeletal problems, neurological problems and age related problems.

Recommended products

Posture Scan


Movement Lab

Software for Fitness

Health Seekers want to know their physical status before and after they invest valuable time and money into a training program. They want to know their strengths and weaknesses, and they are motivated by seeing progress over time. Trainers help members identify room for improvement and prescribe movements that are safe. With objective scanning and standardised reporting that can be safely shared with physical therapists, they can also help with preventative exercises and soft rehabilitation. Good posture, balance and movement patterns are the foundations of optimal health at all ages.

Recommended products

Posture Scan



Qinematic Software Products


Posture Scan

The automated and markerless scanning service that captures a 3D moving image of a person within just a few minutes. Sophisticated biomechanics algorithms calculate posture, balance and movement patterns to give instant animated Feedback and electronic Reporting. The 3D footage is placed in secure storage for future reference.



A simple to use application that allows you to view client Summary reports via a tablet in the gym or via a computer in the consultation room. Individualised and on-demand access to a member’s scan puts the Personal back into Personal Training.


Movement Lab

Health practitioners need accurate and objective information to help them identify existing and potential functional problems, as well as choose interventions, and evaluate outcomes over time. Qinematic Movement Lab provides desktop analysis of static and dynamic posture in 3D for a modern consultation, with instant Biomechanics Reporting and export functions for Practice Based Evidence.

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Qinematic software is the most meaningful product we’ve ever worked on. The idea of improving people’s lives by helping them become aware of their bodies is our driving force. We are continuously improving the service, with the help of constructive feedback from Health Seekers, Health Service Providers, Partners and Researchers. We would like to hear your honest opinion, so we can give you the best service possible. Please reach out to us and share your stories!

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»Qinematic Posture Scan is a fast and efficient way to get an instant snapshot of a client’s function. We have used it for corporate fitness screening, to identify weak links and to educate clients about their status. It helps us to design corrective exercises and to personalise training for individuals. It is very motivating for the clients to actually see themselves moving in 3D on the screen.«

Frida Lindström – CEO

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