We are motivated by the fact that we can help millions of people each day to avoid pain and improve their quality of life. We recognise that health providers are challenged by an increasing demand for health services, and a lack of time to deliver optimal services.

So we believe that Qinematic and other thoughtful digital health services will significantly improve the situation for health seekers, health providers and society. That is why we have taken on a journey of discovery, innovation and inspiration, using body language and functional measures as our teacher, and embracing rapid changes in technology.

We need constructive feedback from Health Seekers, Health Providers, Partners and Researchers to keeping making a great service and to provide a superior experience. Please give us your honest opinions, so that we can give you the best service possible. Please reach out to us and share your stories, so that other may benefit!

Glenn Bilby

Founder · CEO

Glenn Bilby is an Australian health and wellness entrepreneur, sports scientist and physiotherapist living in Stockholm. He has been measuring human performance, designing training/rehabilitation/return-to-work programs, and innovating health services internationally for more than 30 years. He is the course manager of Transforming Healthcare at Karolinska Institute, and active in the Stockholm digital health startup community.

Christian Crusius

Service Designer

Christian is a graphic designer and digital creator with considerable international experience. He has crafted online services in many industries and for well known brands across Europe. He is a service designer at heart, and loves to observe people interact with a service, make improvements and ensure a great experience for everyone involved.

Kirthika Muthiah

Biomedical Engineer

Kirthika is a biomedical engineer from National University of Singapore, who is interning at Qinematic. She is in the 3rd year of her bachelor studies and is working on the sales of Qinematic to the international market. She has a strong interest in health start-ups and the bio-mechanics of the human body.

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